Wednesday, May 25, 2011

What a difference a stamp makes ...

... well, after a very busy couple of weeks, I finally found a little time for scrapbooking at the weekend.  I'm still working through family photos from last year, so this is one of my 8x8 LOs - please excuse the limitations caused by the small size and my desire to scrap as many of each year's photos without running into tens of albums for each year!

I loved the paper as soon as I saw it and luckily, although it was originally a 12x12 piece, it still works when cut down to this size.  But after I arranged all the elements of the LO, I thought it lacked a certain something, needed a little extra interest ... then I had a rumage through my lovely new stamps and found the perfect image ... the flying birds are not part of the original paper but are stamped on in a matching ink, and I think they complement the rest of the LO perfectly

1 comment:

Scattychick said...

It's a great LO Jackie and your are right the birds just add that special something what a gorgeous stamp :)