Saturday, February 19, 2011

It started with a stitch ...

The first craft I really got hooked on was cross-stitching and I still do a lot of it now.  Scrapping and cardmaking take my full concentraction, but cross-stitching I often do in the evenings while the TV is on - I don't feel the TV watching is such a waste of time when I'm getting something else done too!

My current project is a large design of orang-utans; the chart is from this book and is pictured on the front cover -

The reason I am stitching orangs, apart from the fact that they are very appealing, is that my eldest son is going on a school expedition to Borneo in 2012, so this will remind us all of that.  It's a very large design so it may take me until then to complete it!  Here is progress so far (from the top right-hand corner of the design) -


Ali said...

Wow, that is a stunning cross-stitch design! I imagine it will take you a while to complete... but it'll be so worth it! :)


misteejay said...

The colours on this are so rich - it will look fab when done.

Toni :o)