Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Tuesday afternoon ...

... seems to be my favourite time for crafting.  Which is probably why most of my blog posts have been written on a Tuesday too ...

So, not surprisingly, here is another post with a couple of my recent creations.  I'm still working on an album of some of my favourite moments of last year, and I managed two layouts today, quite contrasting in style.  The first one took me quite a while to put together as I wanted to use two photos but getting them to work together, expecially as they were in different orientations, was tricky.  But I'm pleased with the end result -

As usual, most of the items are from a ScrapaGogo kit (January 2013) but I've also used some washi tape and Tim Holtz tissue tape and the alpha is from an earlier Gogo kit.

Very different in style is this one -

This layout is much plainer but I wanted the photo to really stand out.  I so rarely take photos of York (where I live) but it's a beautiful city and I feel privileged to live in a place that so many people pay money to come and visit as tourists (that's the sentiment behind the title).  Again, most items are from a ScrapaGogo kit but this one is from over a year ago.

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