Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A new art form

I saw an article in a scrapbook magazine about glue books - see an example here - and immediately wanted to have a go.  I have loads of paper scraps (many of them are because I do a lot of scrapping in 8x8 size so have paper left over from 12x12 sheets) and other bits and pieces and, although I keep them , full of good intentions to use them, I rarely do use them.

Also, I have seen lots of examples of art journalling and, although this artform intrigues me, I know it is not the type of thing I want to do right now, but something about it attracts me ... so when I saw the article on gluebooks, it immediately struck me as a form of art journalling, just with less paint and more paper.

So today I had my first go at creating a gluebook page (I don't have a book to put it in right now, so it's just on a loose piece of paper, but I know the type of book I want to buy and made sure this was the right size to go in it ...).  I found a beautiful scrap of paper that I didn't even know I had and used that as the main accent, cutting out a small accent image from it and layering it over another part of the paper.  I also used some small scraps of co-ordinating, less patterned papers, some definition stickers I forgot I had (this is turning out to be a good way to use long-forgotten stash!), a small scrap of lace, and then added some journalling.

I'm pretty pleased with my first effort and I can see all sorts of possibilities in this artform.  Although this one has a vintage feel and is mainly paper based, I've seen examples which are much brighter and more modern and I've seen some that use stamped images or parts of photos.  I think I shall be experimenting in future weeks, but first I need to buy a book to put this in ... I feel an internet shopping spree coming on ... 

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Scattychick said...

Oh I had been wondering what a glue book was lol :) I am starting an art journal I love all the messy stuff and having multi coloured fingers lol